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David Lewerke

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First licensed as a broker in Iowa and Minnesota.  Owned and operated an independent agency focusing on residential, land, commercial and investment properties.  At the same time, was licensed residential contractor

Help finding your next home?
much has to be considered when relocating, upsizing, downsizing, just wanting a property that can meet the needs as changes occur in our life.  Most important is LOCATION!  Remember when considering a move...find the location, then the home.  A house can be altered...a location cannot.  Other critical factors are unique to your requirements...distance from work, schools, churches, relatives, HOAs, taxes, weather, financing, and of course resalability.

Want to sell your home?
now the shoes on the other foot!  What price is fair, not too high, not too low, how do I get the home in the condition to attract the first buyers.  What is your timetable...how soon does the home have to sell?  Who do I trust to give me honest advice, marketing strategy, showing tips, legal factors such as capital gain/waiver...

The dos and don't of marketing
Of course the condition of the home, the curb appeal are the first thing the buyer sees....even before price!  That 'first impression' is critical.  The condition of the yard, the front door, the exterior set the stage for what the buyer anticipates will be seen inside.  Take special care to make the home attractive to the buyer that is simply driving...make them want to stop!  Inside is also decision changing...lack of clutter, staging, cleanliness, little things that need to be repaired or replaced...


For over 30 years I owned and operated my own independent agency.  In 2008, at the time of the 'crash', I chose to merge with Keller Williams recognizing times have changed and the technology, visibility, support, and expertise of a franchise offered benefits to my agents that I was not able to provide.

I taught Real Estate Principles for pre-licensing at our local Yavapai Community College for seven years.  In addition, I operated my private school for 4 years.  Many of the agents practicing in our community came through my school and teaching.  Of that I am very proud...and of them!

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